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Unit Conversion Factors

Unit X Constant =Unit   Unit X Constant =Unit
Btu 778.0 Foot-pound (ft-lb) Horsepower (hp) 33000.0 Ft-lb/min
Btu 1054.8 Joules Horsepower (hp) 550.0 Ft-lb/sec
Btu 0.293 Watt-hours (w-hr) Horsepower (hp) 745.7 Watts (w)
Centimeters (cm) 0.032808 Feet (ft) Inch (in) 0.027178 Yards (yd)
Centimeters (cm) 0.3937 Inches (in) Inch (in) 0.083333 Feet (ft)
Centimeters (cm) 0.00001 Kilometers (km) Inch (in) 0.0000254 Kilometers (km)
Centimeters (cm) 0.010 Meters (m) Inch (in) 0.0254 Meters (m)
Centimeters (cm) 10.0 Millimeters (mm) Inch (in) 2.54000514 Centimeters (cm)
Circular mils 0.00064516 Circular millimeters Inch (in) 25.4000514 Millimeters (mm)
Circular mils 0.0000007854 Inches2 (in2) Inch (in) 1000.0 Mils
Circular mils 0.00050671 Square Millimeters (mm2) Joules 0.000948 Btu
Circular mils 0.7854 Mils2 Joules 107 Ergs
Circular mils 0.7854 Square mile Kilogram 2.205 Pound
Cubic Centimeter (cm3) 0.000035314 Cubic foot (ft3) Kilogram/km 0.6214 Pound/kft
Cubic Centimeter (cm3) 0.061023 Cubic inch (in3) Kilometers 0.6214 Miles
Cubic Centimeter (cm3) 0.000001 Cubic meter (m3) Liters (l) 61.025 Cubic inch (in3)
Cubic Centimeter (cm3) 0.00026417 Gallons Meters (m) 1.093611 Yards (yd)
Cubic Foot (ft3) 1728.0 Cubic inch (in3) Meters (m) 3.2808333 Feet (ft)
Cubic Foot (ft3) 28317.016 Cubic centimeter (cm3) Meters (m) 39.37 Inch (in)
Cubic Foot 0.02832 Cubic meter Meters (m) 100.0 Centimeters (cm)
Cubic Inch (in3) 0.0005787 Cubic foot (ft3) Miles 1760.0 Yards (yd)
Cubic Inch (in3) 0.000016387 Cubic meter (m3) Miles 5280.0 Feet (ft)
Cubic Inch (in3) 16.387162 Cubic centimeter (cm3) Miles 1.6093 Kilometers (km)
Cubic Meter (m3) 1000000.0 Centimeter (cm) Millimeters (mm) 0.0032808 Feet (ft)
Cubic Meter (m3) 35.314456 Cubic foot (ft3) Millimeters (mm) 0.3937 Inch (in)
Cubic Meter (m3) 264.17 Gallons Millimeters (mm) 0.001 Meters (m)
Feet (ft) 0.00018939 Miles Millimeters (mm) 0.01 Centimeters (cm)
Feet (ft) 0.33333 Yards (yd) Millimeters (mm) 39.3701 Mils
Feet (ft) 12 Inches (in) Millimeters (mm) 1000 Microns
Feet (ft) 0.0003048 Kilometer (km) Ohms/kh 0.3048 Ohms/kft
Feet (ft) 0.3048 Meters (m) Ounce 28.35 Gram
Feet (ft) 30.48 Centimeter (cm) Pound 0.4536 Kilogram
Feet (ft) 304.8 Millimeters (mm) Pound/kft 1.4881 Kilogram/km
Feet/Pound (ft/lb) 0.00067197 Meters/grams (m/g) Square Inch 6.452 Square centimeter
Feet/Pound (ft/lb) 0.001285 Btu Square Centimeter 0.155 Square inch
Feet/Pound (ft/lb) 1.356 Joules Square Foot 0.0929 Square meter
Feet/Pound (ft/lb) 0.1383 Kilogram/meter (kg/m) Square Meter 10.76 Square foot
Gallons 3.785332 Liters (l) Square Miles 2.59 Square kilometer
Gallons 0.13368 Cubic foot (ft3) Square Kilometer 0.3861 Square mile
Gallons 231.0 Cubic inch (in3) Watts (w) 44.25 Ft-lb/minute
Gallons 3785.332 Cubic centimeter (cm3) Watts (w) 0.737562 Ft-lb/sec
Grams (g) 15.432 Grains Watts (w) 0.001341 Horsepower (hp)
Gram 0.03527 Ounce Watt-hour (w-hr) 3.41266 Btu
Gram/Centimeter3 (gm/cm3) 0.0361275 Pounds/in3 (lb/m3)