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Value Added Capabilities

Multi/Cable's Value Added Services include Dyeing, Striping, Etching, Twisting, Spooling and Bundling Cables

Multi/Cable is not your ordinary wire & cable manufacturer. In addition to the manufacture of hookup wire & multi conductor cable, we offer several value added services that go far and beyond our competition. These include:

  • Dyeing: of white wire to any other color
  • Striping: of wire with contrasting color for more identification options
  • Etching: of fluoropolymer wires
  • Twisting: Conductors into pairs, triads, quads, etc.
  • Bundling: Several different wires or cables into a custom cable bundle.
  • Printing: Wire or cables with text or logos
  • Spooling, Coiling, and Cutting to Length
  • Labeling: of product per customer request
  • Bar Coding
  • Inventory Management: Innovative options available to suit your needs