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High Temperature Wire & Cable

Multi/Cable has wire & cable solutions for many types of extreme conditions including high temperature applications.

Our high temperature wire and cable can be built with insulation systems capable of withstanding conditions beyond 250C!

Typical applications for our high temperature wire & cable include: oven heaters, dryer wiring, furnace ignition leads, pressure or material flow monitoring, open hearths or furnaces, aircraft or missile wires, smoke or fire detection circuits, or process control.

Hi-Temp Multi Conductor Cable: Overall Shield - FEP (200C) Insulated & Jacketed »

High Temp Multi Conductor Cable - Shielded, FEP Insulated & Jacketed  | Multi/Cable

Hi Temp Multi Conductor Cable: Overall Shield - PFA (260C) Insulated & Jacketed »

High Temp Multi Conductor Cable - Shielded, PFA Insulated & Jacketed  | Multi/Cable

STJ Cable: Type E Inners - Silver Braid Shield - PTFE Tape Wrapped Jacket »

STJ Cable  Type E, Shielded, PTFE Tape Wrapped Jacket | Multi/Cable