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Military Spec Cable


Cable covered by this specification is intended for use in military and aerospace applications. The M27500 specification allows for a wide variety of construction choices. Multi/Cable specializes in the M27500 RC-06 and RC-09 specifications. Both the RC-06 and RC-09 series feature M22759/11 conductors, and an overall silver coated copper braid shield. RC-06 has a PTFE tape jacket, while RC-09 has an extruded FEP jacket.


This specification covers electrical cables consisting of unshielded and unjacketed, shielded, jacketed, or shielded and jacketed twisted pairs and triples, and shielded or shielded and jacketed singles. The cable is intended for internal wiring of electrical equipment for application temperatures of -40C to 105C /1, or -65C to 200C /2. Cables constructed with (PVC) insulated wires or jackets are not to be used for aerospace applications.

M27500 RC-06 | NEMA WC 27500 RC-06 »

M27500 RC-06 | NEMA 27500 RC-06 - Mil Spec Cable Manufacturer | Multi/Cable

M27500 RC-09 | NEMA WC 27500 RC-09 »

M27500 RC-09 | NEMA WC 27500 RC-09 - Mil Spec Cable Manufacturer | Multi/Cable

M55021 | MIL-C-55021 »

M55021 | MIL-C-55021 - Mil Spec Cable Manufacturer | Multi/Cable

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