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Multi/Cable Receives Wind Turbine Cable Approval

Multi/Cable Corp has obtained approval from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for type WTTC - Wind Turbine Tray Cable. This cable type is specifically approved for use in wind turbine applications. It rated for 90ºC, 1000 Volt. This is a relatively new cable rating to give specific approval for cables which are proven to be able to withstand harsh wind power operating conditions.

The wind turbine cables are constructed the same as our existing line of PVC/Nylon "VNTC" tray cables. They are available in a variety of conductor counts and sizes and can be customized just like all Multi/Cable products! The popular finely stranded conductor version is readily available with Multi/Cable's ordinary quick-turn lead times. Dual rated, TC & WTTC cables are also available. For more information, consult the factory directly.


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