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Choosing Insulation and Jacketing Materials for your Custom Cable

Selecting the right insulation and jacketing for your custom-built cable can improve the performance, durability, and flexibility of your application. 

Multi/Cable's free guide, Choosing Insulation & Jacketing Materials for Your Custom Cable, will help you think through the material options for your cable’s primary insulation and jacket and identify important factors to consider when making your selections for each. Go beyond researching insulation and jacketing material types - we'll give you in-depth information on typically used materials, present the pros and cons of each selection, and determine the optimum insulation and jacketing materials for your application's environment and specifications.

This guide includes:

  • An overview of insulation and jacketing
  • Insulation and jacketing material properties to consider
  • A comparison of thermoplastic vs thermoset materials
  • An overview of typical insulation and jacketing materials: thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, fluoropolymers and textiles

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