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Thermocouple Wire & Cable

thermocouple cable

Thermocouple wire & cable is used to make or extend signals from a thermocouple.

A thermocouple is a temperature measurement sensor consisting of two dissimilar metals joined together at one end. Thermocouple wire is used in a thermocouple from the sensing point to the cold junction compensation point (or reference point). It is the difference in the millivolt output from the sensing point to the reference point that provides the temperature measurement.

Different thermocouple types require different alloy wire combinations. Some of the more popular thermocouple wire & cable types include:

  • Type E Thermocouple Wire (Chromel/Constantan)
  • Type J Thermocouple Wire (Iron/Constantan)
  • Type K Thermocouple Wire (Chromel/Alumel)
  • Type T Thermocouple Wire (Copper/Constantan)

Thermocouple extension wire is used to extend the signal from a probe to instrumentation such as controllers or recording devices. Often times, multi pair thermocouple extension cables are preferred in these applications. Extension wire is designated by an "X" after the ANSI thermocouple type – i.e., BX, EX, JX, KX, SX, TX.

Multi/Cable offers a full line of thermocouple cable & wire in standard limits of error & special limits of error. Thermocouple alloy wires are available in solid or stranded configurations. We offer a wide variety of insulating, shielding, and jacketing options for our single pair thermocouple wire & our multipair thermocouple extension cables.

  • Low Temperature Insulation Thermocouple:
    (PVC - 105ºC | Nylon 121ºC)
  • High Temperature Insulation Thermocouple:
    (FEP - 200ºC | PTFE - 260ºC | PFA - 260ºC)

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