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PLTC is an acronym for Power Limited Tray Cable.

This cable type is approved for use in NEC Article 725 and carries UL (Underwriters Laborotories) approval for use in cable trays.

Per UL Subject 13 - PLTC Cable is rated 105ºC, 300 Volts, but is not so marked.

Our Power Limited Tray Cable is approved for use in Class I and II, Division 2 Hazardous Locations. The cable is approved for and marked "Sunlight Resistant." PLTC may be substituted for CL3 and CL2 type cables.

Typical PLTC Cable uses include Industrial Control Systems (Instrument & Control Wiring, Sensors & Transducers, etc.), Intercom Systems, Burglar Alarms & Point of Sale Systems.

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