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High-Performance Instrumentation Cable & Control Cable

multi conductor instrumentation and control cable

Ensure accurate and reliable data transmission in your industrial applications with our premium instrumentation cables and control cables.

Instrumentation cables are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial control systems, data acquisition, and process automation. Our custom control cables are often used in utilities, oil & gas, and traffic control systems.

Key Features:

  • Superior Signal Integrity: Minimize signal distortion and ensure accurate data transmission with our twisted-pair construction and high-quality conductors.

  • Durability and Flexibility: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments with flame-retardant jackets, abrasion-resistant materials, and excellent flexibility for easy installation.

  • Shielding Options: Choose from braided or foil shielding to protect your signals from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

  • Variety of Conductor Counts and Gauges: Find the perfect cable for your application with a wide range of conductor counts (pairs, triads, quads) and gauges to meet your specific needs.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Many of our instrumentation cables meet industry standards like UL, CSA, and NEC for assured quality and safety.


  • Industrial control systems

  • Process automation

  • Data acquisition

  • Sensor connections

  • Instrumentation and test equipment

  • And many other industrial applications requiring reliable signal transmission

We will custom build your instrumentation cable to meet your specific requirements. Contact our team for expert advice on manufacturing custom cables for your application.


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Multi/Cable products are designed & manufactured to suit your specific applications.

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