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Tray cable is typically used for installation in cable trays, conduit, ducts, troughs, or wireways / raceways.  Tray cables are available with various voltage and temperature ratings as well as optional approvals for direct burial or open wiring (TC-ER) out of tray without conduit. While we manufacture several tray cable constructions, some of the more popular multi conductor tray cables are:

  • PLTC: Power Limited Tray Cable
  • VNTC: Vinyl/Nylon Tray Cable
  • WTTC: Wind Turbine Tray Cable
  • Rated 105ºC - 300 Volt Tray Cable
  • Rated 90ºC Dry, 75ºC Wet - 600 Volt Tray Cable
  • Rated 90ºC - 1000 Volt Tray Cable

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