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VNTC Tray Cable stands for Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable. This cable type uses PVC/Nylon insulated conductors (i.e. THHN, TFFN, etc.) and has a PVC outer jacket. VNTC Tray cable is a flame retardant multi conductor cable specifically approved for installation in cable trays per article 336 of the NEC. It is also approved for class I remote control & signaling circuits per article 725. Manufactured & tagged per (UL) 1277- Type TC, this tray cable is suitable for use in class I & II, Div. 2 hazardous locations. Multi/Cable Tray Cable is sunlight resistant and may be installed in air (if supported by a messenger), in ducts, wireways, raceways, troughs or tray, and is suitable for direct burial.

Multi/Cable VNTC Tray Cable is also available with the “-ER” optional marking from UL. This allows the cable to be used in extended runs, or open wiring from tray without the use of conduit.

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