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Outstanding Customer Service

We located your company via an internet search for a cable manufacturer. We have had no issues with product quality and have been using the cables you’ve provided for both industrial and commercial lighting applications. Customer service, delivery, and follow up have been outstanding (specifically Megan B, who always provides timely replies and is great to work with). We plan to continue using Multi/Cable for our unique cable requirements and we appreciate the level of excellent service and on-time delivery.

Joseph W.

Very Responsive & Great Price

We are pleased with the cable we received. I could not find this cable off the shelf and we had the product in an acceptable amount of time at a good price. The cable we needed has a nylon cord built in and I think this was a first. Mike P. of your sales team was responsive and helpful with getting this part created.

Kevin S.

Great Customer Service

Your products are great and will work very well in what we intend on using them...
What brought us to use your cables is we wanted to replace what we were using. Even though it did the job, it doesn’t look all that great and isn’t all that strong to hold position while traveling outside with the seat. Your cable looks a lot better and is flexible and strong enough to keep position in the travel it has to do.
As for the service provided by your company, I only have good words for every step in the process to have the final products here on shelf ready to use. I did contact multiple companies in an effort to find the best solution and the great service I got from your company, specifically from Megan, and the reasonable pricing are why I went with your company. I think the main point is that from the first contact on wards, ALL of my questions and requests were always answered thoroughly and in a timely matter. Not all companies are like that unfortunately, and to me, that is very important.

William S.

Product Looks Great

Working with Mike made it very simple. The product looks great also.

Andy K.

Cost & Customer Service Was Major Reason For Using Product

We work with industrial x-ray equipment. The cable we received is good quality; the cost and also your customer service was a major reason for using your product... If we need to order more custom cables we will gladly give you a call.

Cesar U.

Quite Pleased With The Product

We are quite pleased with the product. It met our expectations and the price was reasonable.
We are developing an LED-based UV curing solution specifically for use in bonding parts to a workholding fixture. Our approach requires data communication via the same cable which will be carrying (relatively) high current. We were unable to find a cable on the market which could carry the currents we needed, while having a separate, internally shielded triad of wires for the signal. Thus we turned to a custom cable and your company. We also needed this cable to be flexible for repeated insertion and removal from the fixture. The cable delivered met all these needs.
I really appreciated the service Megan Barlett provided. Her answers and quotes were prompt.

Steven L.

Happy With The Cable, I Wish I Had Done It Sooner!

Definitely happy with the cable, I wish I had done it sooner!

So we build custom sets for TV and theater and whatnot. A lot of what we do are lightboxes using 4 color LED tape (RGBA which is Red, Green, Blue and Amber). We put the tape inside the scenery behind acrylic so they can have color-changing light-up panels in the sets. Most of what you see on ESPN are studio sets that we’ve built. The RGBA Tape needs 5 wire cables – 1 wire for each color, plus the common to complete the circuit. We generally have a strip of tape every 4” on the wall, so that leads to a lot of tails which have to wire together and then have a larger cable that can handle all the combined power go back to the power supply and dimmer. So we were using 20/5 cable and then 12/5 cable for the big ones. Two problems I had are the colors of the conductors aren’t always consistent and don’t match the colors of the lights so we really have to be aware of how we wire things and also the heavy gauge wire is huge. The majority of the power is on the common – each of the 4 colors only sees ¼ of the load… and in fact when we do really big boxes of 40A or so, we need to split the load over 2 commons… So I realized that I could do the (2) 12 gauge conductors for the commons and then only needed 16 gauge for the individual colors. Going with the custom wire makes it a much smaller bundle and also cheaper than the stock wire. And I get custom colored conductors that match the color of my lights.

The other type of lighting is dual white – it’s a warm white and a cool white chip on the LED tape so we can fine tune the shade of white. For that we could only seem to find 18/3 and that’s a bit harder to solder on. So we now buy from you 20/3 and the matching 12 gauge common with 2 16 gauge conductors for the 2 shades of white. And the fact that we can do white with a red stripe (warm) and white with a blue stripe (cool) makes it super easy. And the small wire colors match the big wire colors. And the jackets are all black, which looks better than the grey and white we used to buy!

Ben J.

I'm Very Pleased With Your Company

I’ve been very pleased with your company. We make a lot of stuff, mostly for OEM customers. We’re making a 3D printer that is our own product. I’ve worked on multiple 3D printer development projects over the years and my ME has a lot of experience with them as well. This one started as a version of the Rep Rap open-source project and we’ve been steadily improving it. One improvement involves the cable you made for us.

The printing surface is a PCB with a foil pattern that makes it a heater. The PCBA also includes a temperature sensor for control feedback and an LED indicator. There is loop of cable connecting the PCB to the controller box. The PCB moves back and forth along the Y axis of the printer. Therefore, the cable loop has to flex, and it needs to have just the right stiffness. Too flexible and it can flop over and catch on something. Too stiff and it is an additional drag on the Y axis motor, which is just an open loop stepper motor. If it skips a step, then the print is ruined and prints can take 10 hours.

Previously, the bed cable was a bundle of discrete wires – two 18 AWG for the heater and two 24 AWG for the temperature feedback. These are wrapped in spiral wrap. Because this combination is not quite stiff enough, there is also a 3 mm nylon messenger in the bundle. It is mechanically anchored on both ends. There are several problems with this design. The worst one is that the spiral wrap can somehow strangle the bundle, stretching it anachronistically, and can actually break conductors inside their insulation.

I have had custom cable made before, although it was decades ago and just to get the right combination of conductor sizes. I thought of making the print bed bundle into a single cable and I googled “custom cable” and found you. When some of the other engineers here saw it, the universal reaction was, “I didn't know you could do that.”

So far we have not had a single failure, and they look better as well.

Mark S.

The Custom Cable Advantage

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