Multi Cable Corporation
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Sale Terms & Conditions

Non Cancelable /Returnable:

Orders are not cancelable. If the customer cancels, Multi/Cable has the right to invoice and collect all payments due in full. Alternatively, a restocking fee may apply at discretion of the manufacturer.

Shipping Tolerance:

Multi/Cable reserves the right to follow the wire & cable industry standard practice of shipping plus or minus 10% of the total quantity ordered. Unless agreed to in writing otherwise, all lengths over 100 FT will be shipped and considered within tolerance.


Customers may not return cables under any circumstances without a return authorization. We reserve the right to scrap any unauthorized returns, and no credit will be issued.


Unless agreed to in writing otherwise, inspection and final acceptance shall be made at the factory prior to shipment. All products supplied shall be within tolerance limits, sizes, and other specifications established at order acceptance.

Disputes & Claims:

If material is found to be defective, inoperative, or not within established specifications, a short sample of the item shall be forwarded to Multi/Cable for examination along with an explanation of the problem. Upon verification of the claim, a return authorization will be issued to return the material for further disposition. No credits shall be issued until the problem is verified. Returns and credits will not be issued for problems arising from improper storage, mechanical damage (including shipping damage), misuse, improper installation, and/or use of materials other than intended and specified on purchase order. We will not be responsible for any damages caused by the assigned carrier. All claims must be noted on delivery and settled directly with the transportation provider.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms will be agreed upon between Multi/Cable & customer at time of order acceptance. We reserve the right to charge a 1.5% penalty to all invoices not paid in full within 15 days of agreed upon terms. Customer is responsible for all legal fees plus interest if it become necessary to refer any invoices to a collection attorney.

Liability / Indemnification:

In no case will Multi/Cable Corporation be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages stemming from the use or sale of our products. Under any circumstance, Multi/Cable’s liability shall not exceed the original purchase price.