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The Complete Thermocouple Wire & Cable Guide

Thermocouples are the most common temperature sensors in use today—but they’re not all created equally.

The Complete Thermocouple Wire & Cable Guide from Multi/Cable will help you select the optimal thermocouple cable for your temperature measurement needs. We’ll break down the various options you’ll encounter, and discuss which types are appropriate for different environments and working conditions. By thinking through these specifications before ordering your thermocouple wire, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of this versatile solution.

This guide will help you answer:

  • Which thermocouple type is right for my application?
  • Do I need thermocouple wire or extension wire?
  • Do I need standard or special limits of error (SLE) wire?
  • Which construction options are ideal for my cable?
  • Does my thermocouple cable need shielding?
  • Which insulation and jacketing materials are best for my cable?

Make a more informed decision on your thermocouple cable, and ensure the best performance in your application. Download the free guide now!

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