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A Custom Thermocouple Wire Was the Finishing Touch for a Machine Guarding Tool


A manufacturer of custom protection systems for industrial equipment was on the final stage of completing a new proprietary tool that had long been in the works. They needed a cable that could be used to control the entire tool, running from a control box to a handheld device about 12' away.


The tool contains a heating platen and a heating element, and reaches temperatures of 300–500°. The cable would therefore need to be of high quality, have good flexibility, and be able to withstand high temperatures.

The Multi/Cable Solution: Custom Thermocouple Wire

Multi/Cable provided a custom cable that included three wires for power, and two wires in a casing for a thermocouple. This met the necessary specifications and is a durable solution that helped to complete the tool.

The customer is excited to have found a quality cable product that is able to support the tool for the long run.