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Custom Cable Configuration for Actuator Testing Systems


A multinational corporation that manufactures world-class actuators recently replaced a legacy test system with a new design. The actuator unit being tested gets wired to this system via a specific, color-coded configuration. They needed a new source for the connecting cable, and their Test Engineer reached out to Multi/Cable.

Actuator Testing System


In each test, operators were directed to connect specific wires from the test system to the actuator unit through the same color-coding system the company had used for more than 15 years. Thus, to avoid operator confusion, it was important to match this color-coding in the new custom cable configuration.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

Multi/Cable constructed a custom cable that met the customer’s specifications and matched a sample they provided. Three-phase power and all control wires were bundled into a single cable, and the control wires passed through a multiplexer connected to the actuator unit being tested.

The 34-conductor composite cable included:

  • Two individually isolated shielded pairs & one shielded triad of 22 AWG for communications
  • 23 discrete conductors of 22 AWG for control
  • 4 conductors of 14 AWG for power
  • All conductors were stranded tinned copper with PVC insulation colored per customer request
  • Overall PVC outer jacket

Because the cable was consistent with the customer’s existing test system, it was able to be integrated seamlessly.