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Improved Tubing Deployment for Aerospace Test Application

A single bundle of 19 polyethylene tubes


Aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney needed to extend several runs of tubing that would be used in a potentially harsh environment.


Pratt & Whitney’s customer engineering team knew of Multi/Cable’s capabilities, and asked us to create a single bundle of 19 polyethylene tubes.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

First, Multi/Cable printed each tube for easy identification. This numerical identification system saves Pratt & Whitney labor.

Multi/Cable bundled the 19 tubes with one of our planetary cabling lines and then applied an an outer jacket of polyurethane. The jacketed tubing bundle allowed for a much more compact diameter – as well as a more pleasing aesthetic – than 19 separate tubes would have allowed for.

Finally, the finished product was supplied in a continuous run of approximately 5,000', a length that was highly beneficial for Pratt & Whitney’s aerospace test application.