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Multi/Cable Helps Emergency Vehicle Lighting Company Expand Their Offerings


An emergency vehicle lighting supplier has a customer base that includes first responders, tow trucks, construction vehicles, and individuals. Their products typically come with a 6-10" wire harness for connection, but in serving a wide variety of vehicle types, they saw an opportunity to offer separate wire bundles and extension kits.


Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Multi/Cable worked with the client to manufacture a variety of connection cables in specified lengths. Each cable was built for optimal compatibility with the client’s lighting kits, with the number of conductors, gauge, shielding, and other factors dependent on the application.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

The supplied cables are now sold separately as individual wire bundles on the client’s website. This is useful for customers who need a longer cable length, have special configurations, or require multiple components connected.

With these expanded product offerings, the company is able to reach a wider audience, and their customers’ purchases can be increased by 5-10%.

“ guys have been able to do everything we’ve asked and your pricing has been very competitive. We’ve since been able to expand our offerings and offer more options for less money to our customers, which is helping us sell more cables then ever before.”
– Client