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Signal Cable for an Oilfield Inspection Company


An oilfield inspection company needed a signal-carrying cable for the inspection of drill pipes and drilling rig equipment.


The cable had to run from the electro-magnetic inspection head—which travels the length of the drill pipe during an inspection—back to a console, where the signals are received and the readings are recorded. It needed to be durable enough to handle a range of environmental conditions and chemicals.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

Oilfield Signal Cable

We constructed a 20 AWG cable with stranded tinned copper conductors. The 12 pairs were twisted to eliminate cross-talk. The cable also included dual shielding and premium-grade PVC insulation (color-coded to the customer’s specifications), and a portable, extra-thick cord-style jacket.

The resulting cable met the customer’s criteria and was able to withstand daily abuse and harsh extremes. Our customer cut the provided roll of cable into ten 100' sections to make ten separate signal cables. They have found that this cable is easier to solder to an Amphenol connector (which connects the cable to the inspection head), and is turning out to be very durable. Overall, the new custom cables last much longer than their previous cables from a different source.