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Temperature/Humidity Sensor Combo Cable


A leading manufacturer of I/O products for industrial automation, data collection, and monitoring needed a custom cable for a yet-to-be-announced digital temperature and humidity sensor.


The cable needed to maintain flexibility in cold temperature applications. The cable jacket needed to be oversized to fit the collet of the customer’s sensor housing.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

Multi/Cable built a PVC insulated three conductor 24(7) AWG cable core with an oversized black TPE jacket.  

  • TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a combination of plastic and rubber. Thermoplastic rubber has mechanical characteristics of thermoset rubbers yet is a thermoplastic. It has excellent ozone and chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties and low water absorption. It also does well with temperature extremes (-46°C to 125°C).

Our customer was grateful that we were able to meet their needs without special tooling or additional fees.