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Thermocouple Extension Cable


The leading supplier to Puerto Rican & Carribean power and process instrumentation industries came to us looking for a continuous 2.5 mile thermocouple extension cable to test the conditions of water surrounding a nuclear power plant.


Because of the rigorous testing conditions the cable had to be durable, flexible and water resistant.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

To suit these needs, we designed a 3 pair shielded, dual jacketed cable featuring high density polyethylene conductors.

During cabling on our planetary cabler, a special water blocking compound was applied to fill the interstices between the conductors. The cable was then given an intermediate jacket of polyurethane and a tinned copper braid.

Finally an outer jacket of polyurethane was applied and the finished product was shipped within 3 weeks of design.

The Custom Cable Advantage

Multi/Cable products are designed & manufactured to suit your specific applications.

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