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The Multi-Conductor Cable Advantage

When multiple circuits require interconnection, there are several reasons why a multi-conductor cable would be the most advantageous solution. Multi-conductor, or multiple conductor cables often offer many advantages over using several runs of discrete single conductor wires, or hookup wire.

Many engineers, contractors & system integrators prefer multi-conductor cable with all of the necessary components under a single jacket. Reasons include less labor expense, reducing expensive on-site errors, eliminating pulling damage, cutting estimating guess work, and speeding up installations. When multi-conductor or multipair cables are used to run a multi wire bundle together, wiring is neater, more organized, and takes up less space.

Custom cable manufacturers such as Multi/Cable offer offer a variety of customization services to further improve upon standard wire & cable designs. For instance, custom printed wire & cable or custom color coded wire provides optimal circuit identification. Also, combining mixed wire AWG size wires  into one composite cable reduces the number of cable required. Multi function cables combing functions such as power, data, optical fiber or even fluid or air tubing also reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating unnecessary components.

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The Custom Cable Advantage

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