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Custom Cable for Mobile Amusement Lighting


A custom fabricator was responsible for installing lights on a mobile ride (popular at fairs and carnivals), which their customer had purchased from overseas.


Because the product is mobile and being constantly deployed, folded and stored, and then re-deployed, the amount of wiring needed to be kept to a minimum, and it would need to be packaged in a user-friendly design.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

Customized Cable ImageThe cable we provided included:

  • 3 x 14 AWG wires
  • 2 shielded wires

The three 14 AWG wires were able to power up the power supplies, and the two additional shielded wires were able to transmit all the data to the lights without interference from the AC power. To quote our client, “This all came together to make a colorful and exciting light package for our customer.”