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Measuring the Temperature of Molten Iron with a Thermocouple Extension Cable


For a globally leading steel and mining company, it is critical to accurately know the temperature of molten iron as it is casting out of the blast furnace. When their vendor discontinued the production of a cable essential for this job, the company needed to find a replacement wire that could withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions.


One end of the cable would be attached to a plug wired to a PLC input for thermocouples, while the other end would be dunked in molten iron. This meant the cable would need to withstand heats of 1400–1500°C as well as frequent dragging across the casthouse floor.

The Multi/Cable Solution:

Measuring the Temperature of Molten Iron

After the initial inquiry, Multi/Cable quickly and efficiently found a suitable cable and jacket for the application. Because of the application’s high heats, a Type R/S thermocouple extension cable was determined to be the most appropriate for the job. This cable also possesses the necessary durability and flexibility for a lasting lifespan in a harsh environment. 

While the company is still in the trial phase of updating the product, they have reported that Multi/Cable’s solution has so far been successful.