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Cord Designations

Listed below are designations for cord characteristics based on Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 400.

S = Standard; rated at 600 VAC
SJ = Junior; rated at 300 VAC
E Elastomer; (thermoplastic rubber)
T = Thermoplastic
O = Oil-resistant outer jacket
OO = Oil-resistant insulation and outer jacket
P = Parallel construction (flat)
W = Approved for outdoor use
V = Lightweight, round vacuum cleaner cord

Cord Type Jacket Voltage Rating Duty
SO Thermoset Rubber 600 Heavy
SOW Thermoset Rubber 600 Heavy
SOOW Thermoset Rubber 600 Heavy
SEOW Elastomer 600 Heavy
SEOOW Elastomer 600 Heavy
ST Thermoplastic 600 Heavy
STO Thermoplastic 600 Heavy
STOOW Thermoplastic 600 Heavy
STW Thermoplastic 600 Heavy
SJEW Elastomer 300 Medium
SJO Thermoset Rubber 300 Medium
SJOW Thermoset Rubber 300 Medium
SJOOW Thermoset Rubber 300 Medium
SJEO Elastomer 300 Medium
SJEOW Elastomer 300 Medium
SJEOOW Elastomer 300 Medium
SJT Thermoplastic 300 Medium
SJTO Thermoplastic 300 Medium
SJTW Thermoplastic 300 Medium
SVO Thermoset Rubber 300 Light
SVT Thermoplastic 300 Light
SPT Thermoplastic 300 Light

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