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Wire Abbreviations & Descriptions

Wire Abbreviation Description
AF Asbestos 302°F. Fixture wire,18-10 Awg. Heat resistant,With some moisture resistant types.300v. Max.
AL Impregnated Asbestos Under 300v. 257°F., Dry only.
AVA, AVB, & AVL Asbestos and Varnished Cambric, 194-230°F., Dry with AVL wet.
B Outer Braid usually of Glass.
Bell wire usually low voltage, usually of 18awg. No rubber used, just 2 layers of cotton twisted in opposite directions.
C Two or more stranded wires with flexible insulation for temporary use. Thermoset or Thermoplastic, Dry Use Only. Rough service wire, but not as nice looking as “PO”. Twice as thick in insulation but similar to “PO” with silk or Rayon top layer. Usually a yellow / green braided jacket, “Green and Yellow Cord”. No outer jacket to wires, just twisted single strands. Lamp Cord, 2 or more 18-10Awg. (Now is Thermoset or thermoplastic insulation with outer cotton cover.) Pendant and portable use, not hard usage in dry locations.
DBRC Old Household, double braided rubber coated wire with cotton braid. Weather and fire resistant.
E Elevator Cable, 2 or more, 20-2 Awg. Conductors, Thermoset, 3 layer cotton braided with flexible Flame retardant and Moisture Resistant Nylon jacket. For Elevator Lighting and Control in non-hazardous locations. Can incorporate 20 Awg Communications cable and or optical fibers within covering, and be permitted to be supported thru- center of insulation. “L.S” Designation = Limited Smoke flame retardant.
EO Elevator Cable, Same as Above with one type available for Hazardous locations.
ET Elevator Cable, Same as E, with a Rayon Braid on each conductor.
ETLB Same as E with No Braiding on each conductor.A14
ETP Same as E with Rayon Braided Conductors and for Hazardous Classified Locations.
ETT Same as ETP with No Outer Cover.
EV Electric Vehicle Cord. 18 - 500 KCMil. Awg. Two or more conductors, plus grounding conductors and optional hybrid data or signal communications and optional fiberoptic cables. Thermoset with optional nylon insulation and optional braiding. Thermoset outer covering. For electric vehicle charging in wet locations and for extra hard use.
EVJT Same as EV cord but 18 to 12 Awg, and thinner jacket.B19
EVE Same as EV cord, but with thermoplastic Elastomer insulation and coverings.
EVT Same as EV cord, but with Thermoplastic insulation.
F Fixture Wire, 90°C.
FCC Flat Copper Conductors, edge to edge for carpet, and under flooring.
FEP Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Insulation, Rated over 194°F. Dry only.
FEPB Same as FeP, but with glass braid or Asbestos type outer covering. 392°F. Dry only.
FFH-2 Heat resistant rubber coated fixture wire, flexible strands, 167̊F.Rubber coated and latex rubber coated types.
G 8Awg to 500 KCMil., 2-6 conductors plus Grounding Conductors. Portable Thermoset, Oil Res., Extra Hard Use. Stage and Garage Cable.
H Higher Loaded Current Temp. May be used 167°F. Max.
HF ECTFE Solid or 7 stranded. 18-14 Awg. Ethylene Chloro trifluoroethylene. 302°F. Fixture wire.
HFF ECTFE Stranded wire, same as HF.
HH Much Higher Temperature 194°F. Max.
HPD Heater Cord 18-12 Awg., 2 to 4 conductors. Dry Use Only. Thermoset or Thermoset with Asbestos covered wires instead of cotton, but similar to type C. Covered with cotton or Rayon. Not Hard usage.B31
HPN Heater Cord, 18-12 Awg., 2 to 3 Conductors. Wet use, Light Duty Only. Oil resistant Thermoset. Non twisted.
HS Heater Cord, 14-12 Awg., 2 to 4 Conductors. Thermoset insulation with cotton or Thermoset Outer Covering, Extra Hard Usage.
HSJ Same as HS. But 18 - 12 Awg., Hard Usage only.
HSO Same as HS. with Oil Resistance Outer covering, Extra Hard Usage.
HSJO Same as HSO but Only Hard Usage. 18 - 12 Awg Available.
HSOO Same as HS. But with oil resistant Thermoset insulators, and oil resistant covering, Extra Hard Usage.
HSJOO Same as HSOO but Hard Usage only and 18-12 Awg. Available.
IGS Integrated Gas Spacer Cable, Exterior Use.
KF-1- and KF-2, Tape insulated fixture wire, solid or 7 stranded, 18-10 Awg. Aromatic Polyamide taped, 392̊F. Fixture wire.
KFF-1- and KFF-2 Stranded KF wire, note: -1- designates 300v. Max.
L Lead Jacket.
MI Mineral Insulated, Metal Shielded cable. Magnesium Oxide, 194°F or 482°F., Dry or wet locations, with copper or Alloy Steel outer covering. Mineral insulated and Metal Shielded.
MTW Moisture, Heat and Oil Res. Flame Retardant Thermoplastic. Machine tool wiring in wet locations 140°F. Or 196°F. In dry locations with Nylon or Equivalent Jacket.
MV Medium Voltage Cable, Solid Dielectric 2,001 volts plus.
N Extruded Nylon or Thermoplastic Polyester, Tough and Very Resistant to Gas and Oil.
NM “Romex”, Non-Metallic cable with paper wrapping between conductors and plastic sheeting.
NMT See RFH wire Below. (Non-Metallic Tubing.)
NMC “Romex”, Non-Metallic cable with solid plastic sheeting.
O Neoprene Jacket. See SO cable.
P Rough Service appliance vacuum cleaner type cord. Flexible but like type “C”, coated in rubber like “POSJ”, encasing both strands with an appearance fabric outside layer.
PAF Perfluroalkoxy, Solid or 7 strand, 482°F. Fixture wire, 18-14 Awg. nickel or nickel coated copper fixture wire. See PFA wire.
PAFF Stranded PAF wire, 302°F.
PD 18-10 Awg. Thermoset or Thermoplastic Insulation Cotton braiding and Cotton or Rayon outer covering. Pendant or Portable Wiring, Dry Locations, Not Hard Usage. Twisted Portable Cord.
PF Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, fixture wire, solid or seven stranded 392̊F. 18-14 Awg. Fixture wire.
PFA Perfluorglkoxy, 194°F. For dry and damp conditions. See PAF wire.
PFAH Perfluorglkoxy, 482°F. Dry only, Raceway or Apparatus wire only.
PFF Same as PF wire, but stranded. 302°F.
PGF Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, Glass Braided. 392°F. Solid or seven stranded. 18-14 Awg. Fixture Wire.
PGFF Stranded PGF wire, 302°F.
PO Lamp cord with outer layer of silk or Rayon. Wires not Twisted but Parallel. Cotton yarn wrapping round twisted strands; Insulators of rubber on top of cotton, which insulates rubber from sticking to strands making it more flexible. Cotton layer atop Rubber, with Rayon or silk jacket enclosing two wires in parallel.
POSJ New Replacement for “PO” using a rubber jacket encasing both wires, and does not fray like fabric wires, can be washed.
PPE Garage use Portable Power Cable, 8 - 500 KCMil. With 1 - 6 conductors plus ground conductors. Thermoplastic Elastomer Insulation, with Oil Resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer Outer Covering. Portable Extra Hard Use. Rated for Stage and
PTF Extruded Polytetra Fluoroethylene, solid or seven stranded, 18-14 Awg. 482°F. Nickel or Nickel coated copper fixture wire.
PTFF Stranded PTF wire, 302°F. 18-14 Awg.
R Rubber or Neoprene insulation. (Best Quality Rubber) Household Wiring.
RFH-1 Heat Resistant, Rubber Coated, 167°F. 18 Awg. 300v. Fixture wire, solid or seven stranded. Also type “NMT” Fixture wire.
RFH-2 Heat Resistant, RFH wire, 18-16 Awg. 600v. with Latex Rubber or rubber coating. Otherwise the same as RFH-1
RFHH-2 (LS) Limited Smoke Flame Retardant, Heat Resistant Cross linked synthetic polymer insulated fixture wire. Solid or stranded 18-16 Awg. and cross linked synthetic polymer with out jacket. No cover or NMT 194°F. Multi conductor cable, and fixture wire.
RH Thermoset, 167°F. Dry and Damp only, Flame Retardant, and Moisture Resistant. Best Quality, Better than RH and RP wire. For Factories and like. Moisture Res. & Flame Retardant non-metallic Covering.
RHH Thermoset, 194°F. Dry and Damp only, Flame Retardant, and Moisture Resistant.
RP Best Quality Rubber Insulation.
RUH Heat Resistant Latex Rubber 167°F., Dry only.
RWH Flame, Ozone and Moisture Resistant, 167°F. For dry and wet locations over 2,000 volts.
RWH-2 194°F. Continuous Temperature Thermoset. For Dry and Damp locations.
S Hard Service Cord with two or more stranded conductors 18 - 2 Awg. with a serving of woven cotton between the copper and the Thermoset insulation. Jute or other “fillers” are twisted together with the conductors to make a round assembly. Outer jacket of high quality rubber or modern Thermoset. For Portable or Pendant, damp locations. Extra Hard Use. Stage and Garage Use.
SA Silicone Rubber or Silicone Asbestos, 194°F. For dry and Damp Areas. Silicone Rubber insulation with Glass or other Braided covering. (392°F. Special Applications)
SBRC Old Household, Single Braided rubber covered with cotton braid.
SC “NEC” designation for Entertainment Industry and Stage Lighting Cable; rated 600 volts 8 Awg - 250 KCMil. 1 or more Conductors. Extra Hard Usage. Thermoset insulation and outer covering.
SCE Same as SC, with PVC or Thermoplastic Elastomer Insulation and outer covering.
SCT Same as SC, with TPE based thermoplastic Insulation and outer covering.
SE Flame Retardant and Moisture Resistant, Hard Service Cord. 18 -2 Awg. 2 or more conductors, Use Underground, stage and Garage and not Fire Resistant. Thermoplastic Elastomer Insulation and outer covering.
SEO Same as SE But with Oil Resistant Outer Covering.
SEOO Same as SEO, But with oil Resistant Insulation also.
SIS Switchboard wire 194°F. Thermoplastic Flame Resistant for Switchboards. Synthetic Heat resistant Rubber. Dry only.
SJ Same as S-Cord, with Lighter Jacket 18-10 Awg. 2-5 Conductors, Thermoset Insulation and outer jacket. Junior Hard service Cord.
SJE Same as SJ, with Thermoplastic Elastomer Insulation and outer covering.
SJEO Same as SJE But Oil Resistant.
SJO Same as SJ But with Oil Resistant outer covering. Same as SO cord, with an even lighter jacket.
SJOO Same as SJO But with Oil resistant insulation also.
SJT Same as SJ cord, except with outer jacket and insulation of (thermoplastic) Materials.
SF Silicone 200°C. Fixture wire.
SF 1or 2 Silicone Rubber NMT, 392°F. “-1\" is 18 Awg. 300v. “-2\" is 16-18 Awg. 600v. Solid or seven stranded. Fixture wire.
SFF 1or 2 Stranded SF, NMT wire. 302°F.
SO Cord, same as S cord, thermoset insulation with an oil resistant jacket of neoprene or similar material thermoset. Rated for stage and garage use.
SOO Same as SO with Oil Resistant Insulation
SN Synthetic rubber wire re-named “type T”, in 1947 from original 1940 code designation thermoplastic insulation, with no cotton required, not cold resistant.
SP Rubber “Zip Cord”.
SP-1 All Thermoset Parallel cord 20 -18 Awg, 2or3 Conductor. Pendant or portable use, Damp Locations, Not Hard Use. Not twisted.
SP-2 Same as SP-1 But 18-16 Awg.
SP-3 Same as SP-1 But 18-10 Awg. For Refrigerators, Room Air Conditioners.
SPE All Elastomer, (Thermoplastic) Parallel Cord. 20-18 Awg. 2 or 3 Conductors. Otherwise same as SP-1 to 3 Cord.
SPT “Zip Cord”, Fixture Cord, 2 or 3 wire Stranded, Designated by gauge and number of wires. Eg: “18-3\" is 18 gauge 3-wire. Thermoplastic Insulation. Otherwise same as Sp-1 to 3 cord.
SRD Range or Dryer Cable. 10- 4 Awg. 3 or 4 conductors. Thermoset insulation and outer covering. Portable for damp locations. 3-Conductor versions are not twisted.
SRDE Same as SRD cable but Thermoplastic Elastomer insulation and outer covering.
SRDT Same as SRD cable but with Thermoplastic insulation and outer covering.
ST Same as S cord, except with outer jacket of (thermoplastic) Materials. 18-2 Awg. 2 or more Conductors. Rated for Stage and Garage Use.
SV Same as SJ Cord, with an even Lighter Jacket. Vacuum cleaner cord. 18-16 Awg. 2 or 3 conductors. Thermoset insulation and covering. Not hard use, pendant or portable, damp locations.
SVE Same as SV cord but with Thermoplastic Elastomer insulation and covering.
SVO Same as SV cord but with Thermoset insulation and oil resistant Thermoset covering.
SVT Same as SV cord with outer jacket of (therm plastic) Materials.
T Wire wrapped in thermoplastic insulation for protection from below 32° to 150°F. Tinsel Cord 140̊F,(TP, TS, TPT, TST)
TA Thermoplastic and Asbestos, 194°F., Switchboard use only.
TC Signal Wire, Power and Control.
TW T-Wire with water-resistant insulation. Should not be buried directly in ground. 140° Flame Retardant, Heat and Moisture resistant thermoplastic.
TBS Thermoplastic with Fibrous outer braid, 194°F. Fire Retardant (Switch Boards).
TBWP Triple Braided weather proof with no rubber used, 3 layers of water proof cotton used on single wire outdoors services.
T2 Thermoplastic covered fixture wire, solid or 7 stranded. 140°F. 18-16 Awg. Fixture Wire.
TFE Extended Polytetrafluoroethylene. 482°F. Dry Locations only, Apparatus or Raceway lead wiring or open wiring, Avl. With Nickel or nickel coated copper wire only.
TFF Same as T2 wire but stranded, 140°F.
TFN Heat Resistant Thermoplastic covered fixture wire of solid or seven strands. 18-16 Awg. And a nylon jacket or equivalent covering 194°F.
TFNN Same as TFN but stranded.
THW TW-Wire 167°F. With heavier heat resistant insulation. Dry and Wet Locations, Flame Retardant. (194°F. Special Applications within electric discharge lighting equipment, 1,000w. open circuits or less.)
THHN Thermoplastic 194°F. Insulation with outer nylon (or equivalent) jacket Heat Resistant, Flame Retardant with nylon or equivalent jacket. Dry and Damp Locations.
THHW Thermoplastic 167°F. Wet Locations. Flame Retardant, Heat Resistant. (194°F. Dry Locations.)
TFE Extruded Polytetra Fluoroethylene. 482°F. Dry areas only for Apparatus and raceway wiring or open wiring.
THWN Thermoplastic insulation, 167°F. with outer nylon (or equivalent) jacket; Flame Retardant, Heat and Water Resistant.
TPE ‘Flexalloy is a PVC based UHMW therrmoplastic elastomer from Teknor Apex, Vinyl Division, that is billed as being “lighter, more flexible, and more resistant to extreme cold” than cable produced with conventional compounds. Coast Wire and Plastics Technology is using it to jacket a new line of cable that they manufacture, called FlexOLite Touring Cable. The Flexalloy compound is used for the inner insulation and for the outer jacket. “One big advantage of Flexalloy vinyl TPE for insulation and jacketing is that it weighs only half as much as rubber,” - Jim Crisman, VP of the Entertainment Div. Of Coast Wire (PLSN p77 Cable Construction, Nov. 2003.
TPT Parallel Tinsel cord. 27 Awg. 2 conductor. Thermoplastic insulation and covering. Attached to an appliance rated at not more than 50 watts and not more than 8 feet away with a special connector, for damp locations and not hard, but extremely flexible use. Not Twisted conductors.
TS Jacketed Tinsel cord. 27 Awg. 2 conductor. Thermoset insulation and covering, same as TPT otherwise.
TST Same as TS cord but with thermoplastic insulation and covering.
UF Underground Feeder and Branch Circuit Cable, 140°F. a water proof version of NMC, rated for burial in the ground.
USE Underground Service Entrance Cable not fire resistant but high temp. Wire 167°F. Replaces Lead shielded cable. Heavily rubber coated, with outer covering extra water resistant, can also be type “T” with thermoplastic protection.
V Varnished Cambric, #6 to MCM2000, 185°F., Dry use only.
W Cord Rated 2,000 volts Extra Hard Usage; 8-500 KCMil. 1-6 conductors. Replaced welding cable as in acceptable stage cable until type SC was developed. Thermoset insulation with Oil Resistant Thermoset cover. Rated for Stage and garage use.
X Crossed linked Synthetic polymer, Very Tough, Moisture and Heat Resistant. Fixture wire.
XF Same as X wire but solid or seven stranded, 302°F. 300v. 18-10Awg. Cross-Linked Polyolefin.
XFF Same as XF, but stranded.
XHH Thermoset, 194°F. Dry and damp locations. Flame Retardant.
XHHW Moisture Resistant Thermoset, 194°F. For dry and Damp locations and 167°F. For wet locations. Flame Retardant, and moisture resistant.
Z Dry and Damp Locations, 194°F.(302°F. Dry locations in special applications) Modified Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene.
ZF Modified ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, solid or seven stranded, 18-14 Awg. same as Z above, 302°F. Fixture Wire.
ZFF Same as ZF above but stranded.
ZHF High temperature modified ETFE solid or seven stranded. 392°F. 18-14 Awg. Fixture wire.
ZW Modified Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Wet Locations, 167°F.; (194°F. Dry and Damp; 302°F. Dry, special Applications).



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